Yootil Featured v1.1.2

By Peter  //  Overall Rating stars 51 Votes
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Library for plugin developers.

Important: Move this above any plugins that require it.

API Docs: yootil.pixeldepth.net
GitHub: github.com/PopThosePringles/ProBoards-Yootil


February 6, 2023
September 13, 2020
stars By CruZ
April 29, 2020
April 12, 2020
What I'm not understanding now, because I have used Yootil for other forums is why you decided to remove the cost of a superkey. This tool is one of the best I have ever used. I don't mind not spending a superkey or even a key but with how necessary this plugin is for a lot of plugins you can install, I'm a little disappointed that the creator took away the cost. Those who are rating this a 1 star have NO clue how programming works, let alone have any idea of how essential this plugin is for a good portion of plugins that require this plugin. Peter, you did an amazing job with this plugin.
December 6, 2019
May 2, 2019
April 27, 2019
April 3, 2019
October 7, 2018
October 1, 2018
stars By Admin
April 14, 2018
stars By bai
February 9, 2018
Keeps things werkin' mcgerkin'.
stars By Admin
July 29, 2017
I installed this (first) so the Post Reactions (Smiley) plugin would work. No issues at all. Thanks for this one!
stars By gtv22
January 9, 2017
stars By Peter
July 6, 2016
@Admin (June 30, 2016), What you talkin bout Willis? How does this plugin use any key? Learn to read, fed up of people that don't read descriptions on what plugins do, I really don't know why we bother to give out free content.
stars By Admin
June 30, 2016
Not worth 1 superkey
stars By VERITAS
June 29, 2016
Excellent-once I realised I needed Yootil it was working beautifully. Thank you much appreciated.
stars By Admin
May 29, 2016
Not understandable and confusing. This isn't even a plugin. When switching in settings, nothing is understanable. Maybe it isn't working on my OS, nothing can be done with it :(
stars By Chris
May 18, 2016
easy peasy
May 18, 2016
The foundation of choice on which to build
April 25, 2016
stars By Slimey
March 19, 2016
stars By Admin
January 9, 2016
This has helped me get some great plugins, thank you! :)
December 27, 2015
Great update
May 18, 2015
April 21, 2015
stars By Chris
December 29, 2014
As a co-developer (while Peter does most of the work), this plugin is an exceptional tool that makes development easy.
stars By 1234
November 23, 2014
stars By Admin
August 15, 2014
Very helpful
July 7, 2014
its good :)
June 29, 2014
This plugin is amazing. It is a must have for almost any forum.
stars By Admin
June 22, 2014
stars By Admin
June 15, 2014
June 13, 2014
stars By Tigress
June 13, 2014
I love how I don't have to worry about anything when I have this up at the top. A plugin needs Yootil? Eh, I don't and won't worry.
June 12, 2014
A hallmark of ProBoards plugin development. :)
April 17, 2014
stars By Brady
April 5, 2014
stars By Jaguar
February 24, 2014
Thank You & Namaste
stars By Admin
January 27, 2014
stars By Chris
January 17, 2014
stars By Admin
January 12, 2014
stars By Smangii
January 10, 2014
stars By Stern
December 17, 2013
November 9, 2013
October 31, 2013
stars By Jordan
October 18, 2013
stars By BLC
September 16, 2013
Another example of Peter's meticulous work.
June 17, 2013
One of the most functional and best frameworks/boilerplates I have ever used. Like most plugins by Peter, an elegant, professionally written library.
stars By RiXeN
May 24, 2013
stars By Simon
May 14, 2013
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