HashCloud v1.0.1 Beta

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Works with Hashtag in post plugin to create a list of the X most popular hashtags and display them where you want them. uses a super forum key for storage

this wont go back and count up current tags. it only saves on NEW tags added after plugin is installed. there is no way to count up existing tags. you can edit the post however and on saving it will push into hashcloud if you want.

requires "Hashtag in Posts" plugin v1.1.0 or higher

to place the word list, create an element on the page (in templates or h/f) with id="HashCloud":

<div id="HashCloud"></div>


stars By Admin
January 7, 2016
<div id="HashCloud"></div>
stars By Peter
July 14, 2015
November 9, 2014
This is DANG cool.
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