Condition X v1.0.1

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Conditionally inserts CSS, Javascript, and HTML headers and footers.

Use the WHAT tab to specify the type(s) of content to insert.

Use the WHO tab to specify who to insert the content for. Note that for simple conditions such as "Staff Only" or "Group X Only", you can also manage content selectivity by modifying plugin permissions in the plugin 'Manage' interface on your board.

Use the WHERE tab to specify which page(s) the content should be inserted on.

Use the WHEN tab to specify when content should be inserted.

Use the ADVANCED tab to specify any custom conditions that must be satisfied to insert content.

For inserting theme-conditional content, it is highly recommended that you use Proboards templates. Regardless, you can make content inserted by this plugin theme-conditional by modifying its permissions in the plugin 'Manage' interface on your board.

This plugin can also be used to insert content UNconditionally, but a more elegant solution is the "HTML Injections" plugin by Wormopolis, found at

This plugin supports "cloning". The library version of the plugin may be run alongside specially modified clones that can be downloaded from the official plugin thread at


July 28, 2015
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