Quote Selections v1.1.0

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Quote selected parts of a post instead of the entire post and have easy access to them when posting with the option to make them reusable. Web quotes can also be created through drag and drop or copy and paste of web content from other browser tabs or window

see support.proboards.com/thread/445118 for more information


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June 10, 2019
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July 2, 2015
August 15, 2014
AAaaaa I didn't know you made this plugin when I started on Quote Highlighted Text. My bad!
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February 11, 2014
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December 12, 2013
September 24, 2013
September 21, 2013
[edited]First, popups gives a visual cue that your action resulted in some action being taken, second, it also gives opportunity to review what will be quoted and third it gives chance to individually cancel if dissatisfied with preview. Popup automatically closes and saves if no choice is made by using timeout set on the plugin's settings tab so setting that to 0 would make it then only serve the first reason which is an instant visual cue for an action taken. To be clear clicking CANCEL in the popup does not clear any quotes but instead prevents the quote currently being processed from being saved, if you take no action (or click OK) then the quote saves with no intervention from the user. Once the browser closes any unused quotes are discarded unless saved to your permanent quotes tab. Please use http://support.proboards.com/post/5399092/thread to suggest any features you might want or to report a problem
July 26, 2013
[Edited; thanks for initial reply.] I'm less concerned about the appearance of the popup (which I understand is necessary and a good thing) and more about having an alternate way to clear saved quotes; I'd like a way to do so without acting like I want to potentially save another quote. XD
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