Quote Remodel v1.0.3 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 6 Votes
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changes the way quotes look using a before and after image


December 22, 2017
Does the job but iy brought with it some pop-ups for photobucket.
February 4, 2014
This makes quotes look neat. I also think it would be cool to have an option to configure it to align to the left of posts instead of centered. Maybe version v1.x.x. EDIT: 1.x.x = 1.0.2! Alignment options get you 5 STARS!!!!!!
December 18, 2013
stars By Eli
November 23, 2013
September 18, 2013
Great plugin, but I wish we could Align Left.
stars By Minkle
May 30, 2013
Easy to use and easy to change the pictures that come with it. Would recommend! And it makes the forum look more elegant! Maybe you should think about doing the code quotes as well!? That'd be amazing!
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