Images in Thread Titles v1.2.6 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 19 Votes
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allows images in thread titles using placeholders

by Wormopolis

so put [pizza] into a thread title and it will be replaced by a small image of a pizza slice


stars By saltin
September 9, 2018
Super useful at quickly scanning threads based on whatever criteria we set. Feature request: adding the ability to select specific boards instead of the entire forum.
stars By Admin
July 23, 2018
Absolutely awesome, this is so cool and really enhances the forum.
stars By Sens_
September 23, 2016
stars By Madmax
March 23, 2016
stars By Louie
April 26, 2015
stars By BLC
April 17, 2015
This is very cool. :)
October 14, 2014
Love this feature! It helped solve a problem distinguishing between which boards a thread is on. Thanks! :)
October 8, 2014
I love this plugin! Very easy to use and really spruces up the forum's look.
stars By Izyees
September 26, 2014
stars By Lily
September 21, 2014
stars By Stern
September 18, 2014
September 11, 2014
Then why did you rate it 1 star?
September 10, 2014
stars By Setun
September 6, 2014
stars By Admin
September 6, 2014
March 8, 2014
Pizza is even more delicious when it is 16px per slice.
stars By Admin
November 10, 2013
stars By skidjit
July 18, 2013
Hey I recognize that Pizza. LOL! Thanks Wormo. You're the best. We use this to put small image banners where the titles go, for the games and stories we are writing. It gives more character to our site. Thanks.
June 1, 2013
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