Forum gifts are a method you can use to show appreciation toward another member, or can be use for personal use if you're interested in the features provided. Gifts you can give or receive will range from ProBoards+ to forum badges.

ProBoards+ is a feature that gives you personal ad-free, allowing you to visit any ProBoards hosted forum free from the banner advertising that can usually be found at the top and bottom of forum pages. If you purchase ProBoards+ for yourself, a round PB+ badge icon will be displayed in your profile. You will also receive a special badge if you gift ProBoards+ to another member.

Badges are digital flair for your forum profile on ProBoards forums. There are some badges that you can gift to show appreciation to another member for how they contribute to the forum. For example, if the forum has a staff member that has gone above and beyond for you, you could gift them the Great Staff Member Badge, or if there is a member on the forum that you find humorous, you could gift them the Comedian Badge. There are also some general fun badges that you can use on the forum, such as the Pile of Snowballs Badge that will allow you to toss a snowball at another member of the forum, or you can play a game of Hot Potato with other members with the Hot Potato badge.

To give a member the gift or ProBoards+ or a forum badge, visit the profile of the member account that you want to give the gift to (or visit your own profile if you wish to have it yourself!). Once on the profile page, click on the Gift tab and you'll be taken to the gift page. If you want to give the gift of ProBoards+, click on the Purchase ProBoards+ button on the page. Otherwise you can click on the Visit Badge Store button to see a list of all of the badges that are available, and what actions they do. If you see a badge that you would like to gift, click on the shopping cart icon for the badge and then click the Go To Checkout button and you'll be taken to the checkout page to complete the gift purchase. After this is done, the gift will be immediately present for the member without any additional input from you.