Have your own personal website and want to let other members of a forum you frequent know about it? You can do this by adding a link to your website in your profile. To do this, click the Profile button found in the top menu bar. Then on your profile page click on the Edit Profile button. You'll then be taken to the Edit Profile & Settings page; click on the Personal tab provided on this page and you'll notice these two options listed:

Website Name: Type in the name of your website. This will be what is displayed to members in the website field of your profile page when they are viewing your profile.

Website URL: This is the web address to your website that members will be taken to when they click on your website name in your profile. (ie. http://www.google.com)

After you have filled out these two fields, click the Save Personal Settings button found at the bottom of the page. Once this has been completed, visit your profile and you should see your website link listed on your profile page.