If you have anything specific to the forum you frequent that you want to save for future reference, you could do this with the Personal Notes area of your profile. This could include things such as memorable quotes that others have made on the forum, past signature BBCode, or basically any other text or code that you may want to look back on in the future. Personal notes are just that: Personal. Only you can see your personal notes when logged into your forum account, other members including forum staff do not have the ability to view your personal notes.

To get started, click the Profile button in the top menu bar. On the next page, click the Edit Profile button and you'll be taken to the Edit Profile & Settings page. Once there, click the Personal tab and you'll see the Personal Notes as the very last option on the page. Simply type in or paste any text or code that you want to save in your personal notes to review later and then click the Save Personal Settings button. After that has been completed, you can return to the Personal tab of the modify profile page at any time to review or update your personal notes.