Minimum v1.0.1

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"Minimum" theme inspired by lostforword's untitled Zetaboards theme, created by Hades @
Author Notes:
Try using Brian Ordonez's Global Header Header URL Code from VenomPB | It is recommended that you turn Info Centers and Legends off, as well as group and rank stars | Suggested banner size is (width) 902 by (height) 223 in pixels

BBC Icons and Border Code by Smangii
Forum Icons by FindIcons/Various Creators/Hades
Banner/Default Avatar/Ranks by Hades
Some Icons by
Color Scheme and Theme Inspiration by lostofwords

Minor changes and modifications (such as the addition or subtraction of coding, color changes, etc.) are allowed. Please *do not* re-upload my themes or remove the Hades Graphics "h" logo.



If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for me, Hades, or any of my themes, please visit and register on my forum (link above).


stars By Will
April 21, 2018
January 18, 2017
August 1, 2015
very good so far!! only problem is customized favions won't show up in this theme; and mini profiles background will show up slightly differently with each persons post. lol other than that though; fantastic and simple theme! easy to edit and looks great!!
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