Social Media Buttons v1.2.0

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This plugin will add social media buttons to your forum.

There's a settings tab to use to enter the full URLs to each one. Images are included in the plugin.
The background and border colors can be changed. This will float at the left side of your forum.

The buttons will only display, if the URLs are filled out. This way, you only have to fill out the ones that apply to you.

If you use multiple themes, you will need to edit which themes this plugin runs on (doable from Admin > Plugins > Manage > Edit button) and install duplicate copies of this plugin.


stars By Admin
January 8, 2020
Would be nice if they added MeWe , Flot.App , BitChute Buttons
stars By Ben
October 21, 2019
Good but doesn't include instagram. Very popular platform in modern marketing so would be a useful addition
stars By Admin
April 3, 2018
Needs secure icon images. Like not supporting https (delivering as secure in browsers) being way outdated for this day and age, so is plugin not supporting https: Please change images associated with your plugin to be delivered over https: thanks
July 4, 2017
Love it! Looks nice, works perfectly.
stars By Admin
February 19, 2017
stars By Admin
November 7, 2016
August 24, 2016
Love this for social media plugging, but is there a way to get the pintrest button to show up?
April 18, 2016
Needs to scroll with the page instead of block the content as I scroll
April 15, 2016
Very nice. Could you add a slot for Tumblr?
stars By Admin
March 20, 2016
Nice Plugin
stars By Admin
June 19, 2015
Social Media
June 17, 2015
stars By Misery
May 16, 2015
stars By Admin
May 11, 2015
April 28, 2015
April 21, 2015
stars By Admin
March 14, 2015
stars By Admin
March 5, 2015
It's a nice feature, but would be A LOT better if Pinterest would show up.
March 5, 2015
Very easy to use. Thank you
stars By Admin
February 11, 2015
Great plugin! Can't get Pinterest to show up.
January 29, 2015
January 21, 2015
This is an good and useful plugin. nice job.
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