Collapsible InfoCenter v1.0.6

By shortyverrett94  //  Overall Rating stars 14 Votes
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This will allow for the info center to be collapsed. It will remember if you have it opened or closed.


stars By chang
February 2, 2021
Nice! Goes well with collapsible categories.
stars By bai
February 9, 2018
stars By MDreams
June 28, 2014
Oh thank God! Thank you for making this!!!
January 27, 2014
A very, very handy little tool. Thanks for making it!
January 24, 2014
stars By Admin
January 12, 2014
stars By Admin
December 28, 2013
Works great!
October 18, 2013
September 20, 2013
stars By BLC
September 16, 2013
I use this on my board and it does exactly what it is supposed to do! I like giving my members the option to collapse sections.
stars By Jaguar
September 11, 2013
Awesome, namaste
stars By skidjit
July 20, 2013
So cool. Thanks.
July 7, 2013
May 22, 2013
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