Recomended Links Legend PLUGIN v0.0.1 Alpha

By realmaster42  //  Overall Rating stars 3 Votes
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realmaster42 made this plugin.
Just a plugin so you can make recomended links legend xD


November 22, 2016
Could use some improvement on customizability...
stars By Admin
March 8, 2014
foarte fain
March 7, 2014
At a cursory glance from the screenshot, it does not look like this is anything I can't do with an easy template mod. Why would I waste a plugin slot on something a template mod can easily do? In addition, the link that *should* lead to a specific support thread just goes to the general Plugins board, and I don't see a thread, so I don't think there IS a support thread where I could ask questions. I'd submit some kind of abstain vote, but I can't. So, one star due to merely taking up unnecessary plugin real estate when an easy template mod will work just as well.
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