Advent Calendar v1.0.5 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 9 Votes
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Convert forum calendar or create a popup calendar that has hidden images that only reveal themselves on that day.

display options:
1. on the normal forum calendar

2. a direct HTML element on the page, put there by template or headers/footers. element must have class="advent_calendar"
like: <div class="advent_calendar"></div>

3. a link placed on the page, put there by template or headers/footers. link will open a pop-up box with calendar. link must have class="advent_calendar_link"
like <a class="advent_calendar_link">Advent Calendar</a>


August 10, 2023
stars By Admin
November 21, 2022
Just installed this plug-in for my group. I had so much fun personalizing pop-ups for each day of members' furkids with Christmas themes. They are going to love them!! These plug-ins make it easy for us folks like us who aren't techy, to keep their board exciting. Thank you so much, I appreciate all you people do with these plug-ins. I have several on my board. Now can't wait until Dec 1st when the fun begins!
stars By gtv22
January 9, 2017
December 24, 2016
Fine,members loved it,till 24 th December ,had to replace that image !
stars By Admin
May 21, 2016
It's not december
stars By Rita
November 26, 2013
I love it and I'm sure my members will once they see it in action very soon. Thanks for this Wormo!
November 26, 2013
So pleased to be able to have the Advent Calender on V5, as it has become a part of the Christmas activities on the board for years now. Members have joined it and selected photos themselves, so many that I have had to choose and they are really looking forward for the first window to open!! What is lovely is that the photos can be of differing sizes and the option to place it in various ways. The only complaint is that there isn't any chocolate in any of the windows!! Many thanks Wormopolis !!
November 26, 2013
admin acct can always open images regardless of day.
stars By Clare
October 14, 2013
Just tested it out and it is a wonderful idea but the images seem to open no matter what day it is?
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