Posting Activity Plus v1.1.8 Beta

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puts a colored bar showing how active a member is in posting compared to a number you consider to be active.

Posting Activity+ is an upgraded version of the standard plugin that will allow you to track for a SPECIFIC number of days, as well as have different bars show in different boards (for example IC vs OOC boards). you can also still choose to list the same bar across all boards that looks at posts over lifetime if you wish.

put into your mini-profile templates:
<span class="post_act" style="display:none">$[user.registered_on]</span>
if you want to use a general bar for all boards.

If you want the bars to appear somewhere specific in the mini-profile, create an element with class="post_activity_target"


stars By RIK
November 20, 2013
Good Work, Thank You!
stars By Brady
November 1, 2013
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