Change Name Of "News" v1.3.0

By ®i©hie  //  Overall Rating stars 14 Votes
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Allows you to change the "News" in the news scroller to something else. ANY HTML can be used. Optional Setting to change News scroller height.


stars By army83
December 6, 2021
Nice plugin...
August 2, 2021
Works well
stars By Admin
June 4, 2019
very wonderful indeed
September 14, 2018
Thanks So Much
stars By Admin
March 31, 2016
Very nice!
stars By Admin
March 6, 2016
Simple, easy to use, does exactly what it says. High five stars!
November 26, 2015
Clean, simple and exactly what I wanted; thanks!
August 2, 2014
Worked instantly, thank you!! I was wondering how to do this seemingly simple operation :D
stars By Admin
July 17, 2014
love the idea of changing the name but HTML isnt working on it
stars By fupes
April 11, 2014
Can you use an image? HTML img tag?
stars By Trena
February 6, 2014
stars By Koi
September 27, 2013
August 14, 2013
stars By Kelly
August 9, 2013
Like it. Using it now.
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