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Members can create a gallery for themselves where they can post images and comments. Only they can post there, though moderators have the ability to remove images or edit/remove comments.

You will first have to create a dedicated board or boards that will become galleries, then select them in the 'User Interface'.

If you'd like others to comment on the gallery images, you will need a key. Please see this post for instructions..


stars By Melvin
May 27, 2023
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stars By 3rd
May 25, 2020
This is better than a gallery I was about to purchase at 10$ a month so a mega Thank You from me . It was dead easy to setup and is perfect for displaying my Images. Coupled with the comments Key I could not ask for more. I also found The CSS very easy to change the backgrounds. Hard to believe this is a Freebie
May 5, 2019
Very nice! It works very well, except for the key for the comments, i can't download it because its not avaible anymore. It's there an alternate download link for it? If there is one, it would be 100% perfect!
March 18, 2019
Works just as it should.
stars By Admin
December 13, 2018
stars By Radrook
July 27, 2018
No matter what I did it refused to accept the URL or Image Link.
January 1, 2018
Just how are we supposed to get images into the gallery? The normal links to Dropbox, Google Drive. etc. don't work and there is apparently no upload facility. Please advise.
stars By Admin
April 29, 2017
stars By Admin
March 28, 2017
i try it now and it is very nice i love it
December 12, 2016
Ignore the 1 star reviews. This plugin does what I needs to, and continues to improve. Try it out. My board used it as a community gallery, as we all add pictures to the Admin started gallery. There are some things that could be better. Like dynamically created placement of thumbnails based on image sizes of the page, and percentage usage for the size of all images so it scales for resolution. Permissions to allow editing for anyone who is a mod on hat board would also be good. The author actively supports and continues to develop the plugin, so if you are tempted to rate anything less than 5 stars, maybe go to the support thread and get help before damaging someone's chance of discovering this great functionality.
stars By Admin
August 26, 2016
As a new user to forums this was one of the easiest plugin's I have come across. Thank you!
stars By Admin
August 1, 2016
I want to like this..... but when I try to share images from Facebook, Google Drive, or others because their links do not end in .jpg, .png. or .gif they are obviously rejected by the plug-in. Can this be changed/upgraded?
July 20, 2016*aNEKWdtidJGrm7IBgVqQByIP8_I
June 29, 2016
stars By Admin
June 14, 2016
No where you can reedit it and/or make changes, I can't even leave a comment to any screenshots I uploaded.
stars By Admin
April 23, 2016
stars By spanner
April 20, 2016
A gallery feature was asked for by my forum's members and this plug-in works just fine. I should also add that the creator, 'Todge', was really great when I needed a little help with installing the user comments key for this plug-in.
stars By Admin
February 12, 2016
stars By Tiffy
December 9, 2015
I like the way it gets rid of the Mini-profile on the side. It's kind of basic, but it does what it says it does. Love that you included the thumbnail option. Next step, comments from other members that can be made on the pictures?
July 25, 2015
stars By Peter
July 15, 2015
July 12, 2015
stars By Hallu
July 11, 2015
Very useful, able to create multiple galleries, unique style!
July 2, 2015
very cool, thanks
June 16, 2015
Excellent. Thank you.
April 21, 2015
holy smoke , yesssssss
stars By saltin
March 24, 2015
Liked this plug-in but it's not compatible with red sector or blue sector themes.Works great and look good on other themes though just not the ones I use.
stars By Admin
February 22, 2015
The gallery is great.. but many folks don't have a third party location to store their photos... It would be great to upload right to the gallery.
February 10, 2015
Awesome plugin. A great way to show photos in one easy place to view.
November 3, 2014
we should be able to upload images from our computers/lab yops and tablets
stars By Admin
October 23, 2014
stars By Admin
October 14, 2014
Great :D
stars By Admin
October 1, 2014
Awesome plug-in!
February 5, 2014
stars By Matt
August 20, 2013
V.Good Plugin
stars By whisker
July 10, 2013
I love this plugin, Todge, and I especially love that no one can comment within the Galleries. I find that, if people are allowed to comment, within the Galleries, they can easily go off topic, which can be irritating to the person who "owns" the Gallery. In a Gallery, the pics should speak for themselves, without comments. Just my opinion! In our forum, we have a separate thread for comments, if anyone is motivated enough to comment. There is an option to give a "thumbs up" to a pic, within the Galleries. That, I do like! Many thanks, Todge
stars By Del
July 3, 2013
I've given this a 4 star. Allow me to explain. The idea of sharing an image is wonderful, however I want my members to be able to comment on it. I feel like you should add an option for people to comment.. who aren't the original poster. I understand I could just make a normal post and insert the image, but your layout looks a lot better. Perhaps something to consider for future updates? It's kinda boring uploading photos and not getting feedback.
stars By Simate
June 22, 2013
Works brilliant. I like it that noone can comment like a tread and ruin people's galleries.
stars By Rita
June 14, 2013
Another brilliant plugin from you Todge, thanks!
stars By Misaka
June 11, 2013
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