Audio Sound Player v1.1.0 Beta

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This plugin (Audio Sound Player) has three (3) settings which includes Title Bar Text - Title Bar Text Color - Title Bar Text Alignment.

You can input up to eight (8) Audio Sound url links to include (optional) Track Title inputs for each audio sound.

Features: Play / Pause (audio) - Mute - Volume Slider - Eight (8) (audio) Track Buttons.

Supports .mp3 .ogg and .wav audio formats.

Useful Websites:

Audio Sounds: (for downloading files)

Audio Converter: (for mp3/wav/ogg files)

Host Website: (for uploading files)

To test your audio sound format URL file is to copy/paste it directly into your browsers address bar
and hit enter. If you don't hear anything, then your audio sound format file is not supported.

Note: This plugin would be great for audio sounds during seasonal holidays.



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