Proxy Test v0.2.1 Alpha

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Performs a lookup on to determine if a proxy is being used. (Please note that getting a high 'fraud level' from the evaluation does not necessarily indicate any history of shenanigans by the CURRENT user of the proxy IP. It relates to all history of usage by anyone using that address.)

Places a button next to the options container of User Profiles and Posts, to initiate the lookup.

Your choice of text, or the IP address is displayed in the button.

Many thanks to Chris for doing the heavy lifting on the JS.

* this plugin is editable


stars By saltin
July 8, 2020
Great job,simple to use and effective. This is one of the must have tools to use to defend your site if/when the forum starts suffering from spam flood attacks, trolls, banned individuals, multi-account users ect..
March 2, 2020
stars By sonsi
January 25, 2020
stars By
December 27, 2019
October 1, 2019
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