Multiple Post Automerge v1.2.1 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 12 Votes
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Combines posts from the same person into a single post

support thread:

to edit merged posts, click on section to edit, it will outline, then click edit button.


February 7, 2023
stars By Victor
August 8, 2019
stars By Misery
August 14, 2015
stars By Mariah
November 10, 2014
Seems legit so far. This will help SO much! Thanks
September 16, 2014
Great option! Would be even better if an option to merge posts manually was added to the post options menu!!!
February 7, 2014
stars By Ted
January 28, 2014
Just what was needed for our author support boards.
stars By Aaryan
December 20, 2013
stars By Brady
December 19, 2013
What a great plugin!
December 11, 2013
why do you rate 1 star and not say why?
December 10, 2013
stars By Lew
July 16, 2013
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