Simple Text Scroll v1.2.0 Beta

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This plugin (Simple Text Scroll) is just that! There are seven (7) settings, several optional, which include Title Bar Text - Title Bar Text Color - Title Bar Text Align - Placement Choice (showing) of either Main or Global header - Set Scroll Speed - Text Input (Auto Form) Scrolling with Separators for individual Inputs and Text Scroll Font Color.

Supports HTML Links Input. (see Text Scroll Input tab)

Special thanks to Ulises - ProBoards Admin for his assistance with the coding process for the Placement Choice (showing) of either Main or Global header.

Note: This plugin does NOT support image inputs in the (Auto Form) Text Scroll Input area!


Version 1.2.0 Beta Plugin (Simple Text Scroll) - created by aRMY83


June 16, 2017
stars By Marie
May 30, 2017
I LOVE this plugin it's so easy to set up and I also very much appreciate adding the HTML codes for linking the text and changing the text colour. Well done, superb job on this plugin. ♥
May 27, 2017
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