Scavenger Hunt [outdated, see description] v0.1.1 Beta

By David Clark  //  Overall Rating stars 20 Votes
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This plugin hides collectable items around your forum!

Please note that this plugin is no longer supported by the author as of the current version. A more recent version of this plugin updated by a new author can be found here:


stars By Ventus
June 8, 2017
really good, and nice customization options. just wondering is there is any way to change the 'trick or treat!' heading when you click on the prize container in the mini-profiles, and also change the colour of the background that shows the number of prizes. thanks.
stars By Admin
April 29, 2017
April 9, 2017
Modified this as a hunt for Geocoins to add to members collections. Did have a problem with the images disappearing but that was somethig to do with image hosting on photobucket. Would love an integrated method of finding how many members have collected in one location by admins. Has worked out great otherwise.
stars By Admin
February 2, 2017
I thought I had it fixed but members are telling me they keep getting an error.
stars By val c
December 20, 2016
This is a blast! My forum LOVES it! I've managed to figure out how to customize it for the various seasons and now it's a regular event. Right now we're running a Christmas hunt and the admins have gifts for the top 5 scorers and small gifts for members who hit 50 or more. Usually the forum plays for bragging rights but us admins (3 of us) wanted to say thanks to all our members. Awesome game!
stars By Jackie
December 13, 2016
Would like to have easy instructions to change prize image (where is the image stored? how to upload prize image?) Also would like a counter to keep track of who collects the most prizes. Need to add an event duration time (ie: 12/12/16 - 12/19/16). It is a great idea, but I am a novice so unsure how to tweek the plugin to make it customized.
December 5, 2016
Seems pretty cool, but looks like it's just for Halloween. I turned off the halloween features, but pop ups for the bags are still titled "Trick or treat"
stars By Na11
November 28, 2016
This is an amazing plugin! It's worth really worth those two keys!
stars By Khaliq
November 22, 2016
I can't see which users have the most candies/objects so i think that implementing a leader board or ranking would help to figure out which users have the most
stars By Katt
November 14, 2016
So cute. <3 Easy to customize!
November 10, 2016
Clever little system. I am starting a WH40k forum ( and made this thing put rosettes randomly around. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
stars By skidjit
November 4, 2016
Hey, this is a cool plugin. It even helped me see that my members were more active than I thought. Their candy count keeps going up as they backread to keep up with the site. Later, I plan on changing the candy to a golden snitch for them to find. Great for easter eggs too, next spring. Thanks.
stars By m2marsh
November 1, 2016
Awesome fun. Members really enjoyed it. I've modified it for the upcoming holiday season!
stars By Heretix
October 29, 2016
stars By army83
October 29, 2016
One great plugin with so many possibilities for the holidays and much more!
October 28, 2016
My members are really enjoying this game!
October 28, 2016
October 27, 2016
Wonderful Idea.
October 27, 2016
VERY cute!! Thanks!! Would also love to be able to offer a couple of different candies/treats. I plan to use it later in the year for flowers (I have an herbal forum) and it would be great to be able to add more than one type of flower. But it truly is a fun plugin!
October 27, 2016
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