General Notices v1.0.2

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Adds a General Notices container in a location you specify. See the How To Use section below. If there is more than one event that shares the same date, they are gathered, and then displayed per your Settings choice (All, First or Random).

If there are no events on the current date, the plugin will leave a comment that there is no Event listed for today's date, unless you set its Hide setting to Yes - in which case, the whole container will get hidden. If you decide to leave Hide to No, you may customize the No Events Today message.

There is no default selection - all events are added in the Dates tab.

NOTE: This plugin is a variation of the On This Date plugin. Most of the settings are the same setup. However, this plugin does use different variables, so there should be no conflicts if you have both of them.

(1) Install the plugin
(2) Enter your events in the Dates tab
(3) Optionally set your preferred settings in the Settings tab
(4) Optionally edit class(es) the plugin should use in the Advanced tab
(5) Make sure the plugin is enabled
(6) All that's left is to put: <div class="msg-gn"></div> where you want the plugin to display.

If you need help with this plugin, or to report bugs / feedback, please do so in the Support Thread listed below. Please do not post a bug in the Review in the library - I probably won't see it in a reasonable amount of time.

Support Thread:


stars By skidjit
October 1, 2016
I love this plugin. Great job MSG. It comes in handy for so many uses. Thanks. :)
April 26, 2016
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