VPop v1.0.5 Beta

By Virgil Sovereign  //  Overall Rating stars 7 Votes
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Allows users to post pop-up content that appears when clicking or hovering. Pop-ups are also known as "tooltips", "rollovers", and "callouts". The plugin includes support for:

- full HTML content in both pop-ups and anchors
- admin- and user-customizable pop-up titles, triggers, directions, sizes, and classes
- full BBCode and WYSIWYG editor compatibility; insert, delete, and modify pop-ups seamlessly in both editor modes
- numerous editor formats and options to suit admin preferences
- pop-up placeholders for when plugins cannot be run (mobile platforms, etc.), scripts are disabled, or VPop is disabled/uninstalled
- advanced style overrides allowing complete CSS customization of pop-up and anchor styles using the plugin UI
- ability to apply special admin-defined classes to pop-ups on a case-by-case basis
- over 50 tweaks, features, and options

This plugin is currently in its BETA release and may still have some bugs. Please report any bugs to Virgil Sovereign (user: syonidv) in the official VPop thread on Proboards Support.


stars By Grace
July 16, 2018
stars By Admin
May 15, 2018
Cool idea but it doesn't seem to work 2 years later.
stars By Xesna
March 16, 2018
Using a Firefox browser, I am unable to click any position and trigger. Useful tool, but as of now, it's useless.
stars By Admin
July 7, 2016
brilliant plugin I can say that without this plugin, my life will become so desperate. Only have some bug because the title of vpop sometime just disappear without any sign, and can't show up in code box (so my 4rum mem hard to copy it)
stars By David
May 4, 2016
One of the best plugins to come about in a long, long time. Not only does what is needed, but also has a good UI and built in Preview support—exactly what I want in a plugin like this.
stars By Brady
March 21, 2016
stars By Tiffy
February 24, 2016
A little complicated for new coders or users, but a really great plugin.
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