Interests Notification Center v2.3.6

By Pastuleo23  //  Overall Rating stars 8 Votes
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This will allow you to pool your plugin notifications with a hook for developers.
Just add <span id="interestsmenu"></span> where you want it displayed.

Description: Adds "Forum Post: Likes" and "Following" Button into a notifications bar, Happy Birthday Notification, Forum-Wide Administrator Custom Messages, and notifications for your favorite plugins.

Plugin Extension (OPTIONAL): Interests Extension 1
Adds an Extra Super Key for an additional 15-22 Alerts

Supported Plugin | Types of Alerts
Tic Tac Toe/Noughts and Crosses | Newly Created Game and Each Move-(Optionally Turned on In Tic Tac Toe Settings)
Chess | Newly Created Game and Each Move
Profile Comments | Likes, Dislikes, And on Comments
Post Comments | Post Comments
Dislike | Dislikes on Posts
Karma | Give and Take Karma
LOL | LOL on Posts
Shoutbox Comments | Comments from Shoutbox Comments

Natively Adds
"Forum Post: Likes" into the Notification Area
"Following" Button into the Notification Area
"Administrator Notifications" - Set Your Own Forum Notifications in the Manage Section
"Happy Birthday Notification" on Birthdays - Preset - Modify in Manage Section

Your plugin notifications combine with other developers
Push/Pop instead of set() will allow no data to be accidentally overwritten.
Custom Notification Options for users to hide notifications they don't like
Custom Placement for admins (add one span tag)
Menu Name customization
Developer Api - One line adds your notification
Support for Improvements
Nice Facebook Bar Look
Unseen Notification Count
Stores 13-18 notifications at a time (depending on the size of data in each notification)
Adding a key would add another 13-18 more notifications stored - feature request
Sorts by updated most recent and shows last 5 unless you hit view all
This also applies hiding user specified categories of posts
You will also be notified in view all if some posts are hidden, which can be temporarily viewed


stars By bai
May 12, 2018
stars By Admin
March 23, 2018
stars By larsmon
November 26, 2017
It's good add-on but it would be more awesome if it had feature to make me authorized to translate every section of it. Because, my forum's language is not English.
stars By Tiffy
April 15, 2017
A must have for any forum in my opinion. Easy to use and wonderfully effective/useful.
stars By gtv22
January 9, 2017
stars By Brady
March 20, 2016
January 28, 2016
So much potential for this plugin, I love it :D
January 14, 2016
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