What is ProBoards?

ProBoards is a free online forum host. An online forum is a place where users can read and post information. Most of our services are offered at no cost to our users. Our service is governed by our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, and DMCA Policy.

What information can ProBoards provide?

With a valid subpoena or court order, ProBoards can provide information such as:

  • Copies of messages including date, time, and IP address.
  • Information about registered users, including e-mail addresses, IP addresses, last login date, and other profile information.
  • If any of our paid features on a forum have been used, information about the purchaser.

Requesting information with a subpoena or court order

When submitting a subpoena or court order, in order for us to quickly process your request, please be sure to include:

  1. The URL of the forum the subpoena is regarding (e.g. http://support.proboards.com/).
  2. If the request is related to a specific topic, user, or post, be sure to include the appropriate URL (How do I find the correct URLs?).
  3. List the specific information you are requesting (e.g. IP addresses, dates and times, copies of postings).
You may send your subpoena or court order via FAX to (949) 916-3152, or mail to:

ProBoards, Inc.
26741 Portola Pkwy. Ste. 1E #637
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610