Text based role-playing games have come a long way since their origins on college computer networks way back in the 1980's. Nonetheless, this literary form of role-playing appears to be as popular as ever. With new text based role-play forums being created across the Internet faster than they can be counted, it doesn't appear the introduction of increasingly fantastic gaming applications has dampened this community's love of the written word.

Unlike other forms of online role-playing games that often incorporate advanced video technology, text based role-players conjure their stage purely from fertile imaginations and the creativity of participants. Players can create their own descriptions of characters, events and surroundings and often rely on fellow participants to decide the results of an amazing variety of adventures. Depending on the rules established by the participants, plot, character roles and storyline are often advanced by a game-master or mutual agreements between players.

Role-players Venue

Internet discussion forums, or message boards, continue to be the platform of choice for text based role-play gaming. By utilizing dedicated message boards with archived discussion threads, players can review what's been written previously by other members and continuously build on and advance storyline developments.

Let's take a quick look at what's required to launch a text based role-play forum. First, you'll need a web host to house your assemblage of characters. Second, you'll need a software solution to support the exchange and preservation of posts by your community. To accomplish this, you have two options; acquire, install and configure standalone forum software or, take advantage of the services provided by a dedicated free forum hosting service.

If you choose to set up and configure standalone software, you'll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • register and pay for a domain name
  • select and pay for a web hosting plan
  • choose, install & configure forum software
  • create a database to manage members
  • login and begin building your community

On the other hand, following the path of least resistance and using a free forum hosting service requires much less work:

  • select a free forum hosting service
  • choose a name for your new forum
  • login and begin building your community

If you've ever considered launching your own text-based virtual role-play, now is the perfect time. Setting up a new role-play forum has never been easier. As evidence, ProBoards' free forum hosting service is home to some of the largest text-based role-playing communities on the internet. For over 12 years, ProBoards has provided secure, feature-rich forum hosting to role-players and continues to welcome new enthusiasts all the time.

As the most trusted provider of free forum hosting on the Internet, ProBoards offers a completely free, role-play forum hosting solution that includes the most advanced forum software available, unlimited freedom to grow your cast of characters, and a highly regarded support community that's ready to help whenever you need it.

Create your new Role-play Forum

To create your new role-play community, navigate to ProBoards.com, choose an appropriate name, and submit the short sign up form. Once you've activated your new forum you're ready to start building your storyline, hosting characters, and developing your adventure.

As a reminder, don't forget to complete a few promotional chores to support the launch of your new role-play. Let friends know you've begun and are ready to host the next installment of your adventure. Further, promoting the launch of your forum around the web could attract other interested role-players. Below are a few additional tips to jump start your community.

  • Submit your forum URL to the big search engines (Google, Bing & DMOZ should be adequate)
  • List your forum with a few of the top forum directories (ProBoards forum directory, TheAdminZone.com)
  • If you're active on Facebook and/or Twitter, invite everyone to visit your new role-play forum
  • Consider adding a URL link to your forum in the signature area of your personal emails

Have Fun!

The most important thing is to have fun. If you have start-up questions, refer to our Getting Started Guide for a simple explanation of forum features and setup tasks. Further, you can always refer to our detailed Forum Help Guide or post questions on the ProBoards Support Forum for additional guidance. For advanced tips, tactics and strategies for building a thriving forum community, check out our Forum Building articles. We're always here and our service is always free. Enjoy ProBoards. Enjoy your new role-play forum!