This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

Forum profiles are publicly accessible and provide limited personal information about each member as well as an overview of their activity on the discussion board.

To view your forum profile, click the profile button at the top of the page. To view others profiles, click on member display names in the forum Info Center or the mini-profiles to the left of thread postings. Profile information includes the following:

Display Name: This is the name displayed in the mini-profile to the left of all message board posts made by each user.

Email Address: When displayed, this is the members email address. If the email address displays as hidden, then it can only be viewed by forum staff. This option can be set on the Modify Profile page.

Birthday: Shows the birthday provided on the registration page when the member account was created.

Age: Displays numerical age. If it says (hidden), then only discussion forum staff can view a members age and birth date. This can also be be set on the Modify Profile page.

Gender: This displays the gender selected when the account was created. If this reads Undisclosed, gender will be hidden from everyone including forum staff.

Location: Location lets others know where members are from. If you don't specify a location, this option will not appear in your profile.

Posts: Posts displays the number of message board posts a member has made on the forum.

Karma: Karma is a calculation of how many times an account has been Exalted or Smited by other members and reflects the nature of that members message board participation. Exalting adds to Karma by one point, while Smiting subtracts a point. The Exalt / Smite links are found below a member's Karma count in their profile, and their mini-profile in discussion board posts. If you don't see Karma in your profile, the feature has not been enabled on the forum.

Date Registered: This shows the date and time the account was created. If you're the main admin of a discussion board, the date and time also indicate when the forum was created.

Account Status: This lets you know whether or not an account has been activated. If this feature says Not Activated in a profile that is making posts on the forum, then forum staff have disabled the requirement for account activation and new members can begin posting immediately after creating a new account.

If, however, the feature is enabled and a new account remains un-activated, that member will not receive communications by forum staff nor will the email-notifications option be available to them. Use the Activate Now link to activate your account.

Last Login Date - This shows the date and time a member last logged in. However, if you set your account to Stay Invisible in the Modify Profile page, you may see two dates; one for Invisible and one for Not Invisible. The Invisible date will show the last time you logged into the forum in Stay Invisible mode. The Not Invisible date shows the last time you logged in and were visible to all members. Regular forum members will only see the Not Invisible date and time.

Last Known IP: The IP address listed here will be the last one a forum member used to login to their account.

Recent Posts: By default, this section displays the last 5 post titles a member has made. Click the provided links to access the posts directly. You also have the option to view posts using the View x most recent posts feature. The default is 10 but it can be set up to 1000 posts.

Signature: This area previews the signature seen below each message board post. What displays here depends on what was entered into the Signature area on the Modify Profile page.

User Notes: User notes displayed here are added on the Modify Profile page and can't be seen by anyone but the member. Forum staff can add notes for you to read but can't read notes you've added.

Account Notes: If account notes are enabled on the message board, they'll be listed for you here. Account notes can only be added, read and modified by forum staff members.


Mini-profiles are visible on the left side of every message board post a member makes on the forum. Mini-profiles include the following info:

Display Name: this is the name displayed in posts that forum members know each other by.

Member Rank and Member Group: If you're part of a forum member group, the group and any images appended to that group will be added below your display name. If you aren't part of a member group, only your member rank will be displayed along with the images used to indicate that rank. Some discussion boards have it so both Member Groups and Member Rank display simultaneously.

Custom Title: If your account has a custom title applied to it, this will display below the Member Rank and Member Group in your mini profile.

Member is Online / Offline: Indicates whether members are online or offline. When a members account status is set to Invisible, this feature displays Member is Offline.

Avatar: If you've selected an avatar image for your discussion board profile, it will also display in your mini profile.

Personal Text: Personal text written on the Modify Profile page will display directly below the avatar.

Message Icons: Below the personal text in your mini-profile, you might see icons representing the Instant Messenger accounts listed in your profile. There will also be an image representing your email address and one for the Private Messaging system. Note; if your email address is hidden, the email icon will not display to non-staff members.

Other Info

Other info displayed in your forum mini-profile will depend on what you choose to display. Registration Date, Gender, Post Count, and Location are all optional for display.