This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

With the Limited Registration feature enabled in General Settings, the View Pending Accounts link will display in the Manage Members section of the admin panel when there are new member accounts awaiting approval by discussion forum staff.

Once approved, new members can login and begin posting on the message board. If no members are awaiting approval, the link will not display. Clicking the link will take you to a page with the 5 columns listed below:

Member Name: Here lists all pending usernames newly registered on the discussion forum. To the left of each member username is a check-box to select the account(s) you want to approve or deny.

Email Address: Displayed here will be the email address used when the member account was created.

Age: Displayed here will be the members age based on the birth date provided upon forum registration.

IP Address: This is the IP address used by the prospective member when they created the account.

Register Date: The date and time provided is when the account was created, letting you know how long the prospective member has been waiting for approval.

When you deny an account, an email is sent notifying the prospective member of the denial. If you choose, you can explain why the account was denied by typing a message in the provided box. The alternative is to leave the box blank and the prospective member will receive a standard email letting them know their forum account was not approved.

Accounts that are denied are deleted automatically from the discussion forum. To deny an account, select the appropriate box(es) and click Deny Accounts.

To approve pending accounts, simply check the boxes to the left of member usernames and click Approve Accounts. When done, an email will be sent notifying new members of their status.