This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

PM All is generally used by forum administrators to send announcements to members of an online forum and is also useful for soliciting feedback about the forum. Clicking the PM All link in the Manage Members section of the admin panel will take you to a page similar to a regular forum posting page and is separated into 6 different areas:

Subject: This will be the title of the PM visible in each forum members Inbox.

Add Tags: Here you'll find BBCode tags to customize your message. BBCode allows you to format message text, add links, images or videos, and much more. Simply click the BBCode icon that represents the customization you would like to apply to your forum message.

Add Smileys: Apply smileys to your message. Click on any smiley and it will be inserted in the message at the location of the blinking cursor.

Message: The Message area is where you type the actual message that is sent to forum members.

Characters Remaining: PM messages are limited to 60,000 characters which will be indicated by the counter beneath the message box as you type.

Disable Smileys: Checking this box will disable smiley images in your messages. Leave the box unchecked if you'd like smiley images to display.

Once your message is crafted to your liking, click one of the following buttons at the bottom of the page:

PM All Members: The PM All Members button will send your message to every registered member of the discussion forum. Once a message is sent, it can not be retracted.

Preview: Similar to the Preview feature for forum posts and Private Messages, this button allows you to preview your message before sending it out to forum members.

Spell Check: Spell Check will open in a new window and scan your message for any spelling mistakes before you send.

Reset: This button will reset the Subject and Messages area, giving you a clean slate to start over. Once clicked, the text you typed in these areas will be lost and cannot be restored.