This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

With the appropriate administrative privileges, forum members can move posts from one message board thread to another, or move posts from an existing thread to create an entirely new thread. This allows you to move off-topic posts from one thread into a more appropriate topic. To do this, first navigate to the thread containing the posts you'd like to move and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the last post on the left side of the thread, you'll find the move posts button; click it to get started.

On the Move Posts page you'll be presented with a drop-down menu, a listing of posts within the thread, and two move options. First let's discuss the drop-down menu to the right of the text Move posts. Your options are:

Select individual posts: With this option, you can check one or multiple boxes indicating the specific post(s) you'd like to have moved away from the current thread.

Move all posts from a specific point onward: With this option you can move a portion of a thread without taking the entire thread. Simply choose a point in the thread beyond which all posts will be moved and click the button. For example, if you have a thread with 10 posts but you'd only like to move the 5 most recent posts, simply click the selector button next to the 6th post. Then, only posts 6 through 10 will be moved.

Move all posts: With this option, all posts in the thread will be moved.

Once you've chosen the post(s) you'd like to move, select a forum destination by clicking the button next to the New Thread or Existing Thread options explained below:

New Thread: Selecting New Thread allows you to create a new thread using the posts you are moving. After selecting New Thread, you'll be asked to choose the board where you'd like to create the new thread. You'll also be asked to create a new title for the thread in the New Thread Subject box. Once you've set these options, click Move Posts to complete the move. Your selected posts will then be moved from the old thread to your new designated thread using the subject title you have defined.

Existing Thread: This option allows you to move posts to a thread that already exists on the forum. From the Select board drop-down menu, choose a destination for your post(s). Once you've chosen, you'll be presented with a preview of the threads that exist in that board. Next, select the button to the left of the thread you'd like to move the posts into. Now click Move Posts at the bottom of the page and the posts you've selected from the old thread will be moved to the new thread location.