This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

When activated by discussion forum administrators, the news fader is located above board listings on the main page of the forum. The news fader is designed to roll through news items one at a time, at a rate you determine, displaying headlines you've created.

To create a news item, click the News Fader link in the forum admin panel. You'll then be taken to the News Fader page where you can create your message and customize the presentation.

Enable News Fader

The first option allows you to enable or disable the news fader. Selecting Yes from the drop-down menu will activate and display the News Fader on the main page of the discussion forum. Selecting No will disable the News Fader and it will not appear at all.

News Fader text box

Once you've enabled the News Fader, enter your news items in the provided text box. Create a new line for each additional headline you'd like displayed. See an example of multiple news items below:

Welcome to our online forum!
This free forum is hosted by ProBoards.
Enjoy your stay!

In the example above, the News Fader will first display; Welcome to our online forum!, followed a moment later by This free forum is hosted by ProBoards, and so on. Once the News Fader reaches the last news item, it will cycle back to the first news item and repeat continuously. You can also use BBCode in the News Fader to add images or customize text formatting.

Select speed

To set the message-rotation speed, choose a speed from the drop-down menu below the news box. There are 9 speed options to choose from depending on how quickly you want news items to cycle. Once you have everything set, click the Save Changes button and visit the main page of the discussion forum to see the News Fader in action.