This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

This section of the admin panel contains two links that are only displayed to the main admin of the forum; one enables you to recount topics and member-post totals for the entire forum, the other allows you to delete the discussion forum completely.

Recount Board Totals

Here you can recount & re-post the total number of topics and posts displayed to the right of board listings on the forums main page. This feature ensures topic & post counts displayed for topics are up to date and accurate. Recounts also update the Total Topics and Total Posts count in the Forum Statistics section of the Info Center. Once the recount is completed, you'll be taken back to the admin panel where a message will indicate that all board totals have been recounted. Traditionally this may be needed if you have deleted a large batch of posts from the forum.

Delete This Message Board

This link allows you to delete the entire forum from ProBoards servers. Once a discussion forum is deleted, anyone visiting the deleted forums URL will see a message explaining the forum no longer exists. This delete function should only be used if you're sure you'll never have use for the forum or the data contained within it, ever again.

If you've lost interest but think you might pick it up in the future, we recommend placing the forum in Maintenance Mode which can be enabled in the General Settings link of the admin panel. With the forum set to Maintenance Mode, administrators or discussion forum staff can return at a later date, login and re-activate the forum.

If you still wish to delete the forum from ProBoards servers, click Delete This Message Board and you'll be taken to the forums deletion page. Here you'll be presented with a check box requesting confirmation that you understand the entire forum will be deleted. Check the box and click Delete Message Board to complete the process. Once done, you'll be taken to the main index page of the ProBoards website. You can then verify deletion by visiting the forums URL.