This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

Forum staff are provided statistics for attachments uploaded by forum members as well as the ability to view and delete any attachments made on the forum. This can be done through the Attachments link under the Manage Posts section of the admin panel. The attachments page is broken up into two areas.

File Attachments Home

Here you're provided with statistical information of attachments posted to the forum:

Total Files Attached: Listed here is the total number of attachments posted throughout the forum.

Total Storage Space: This shows the total amount of space available on your forum for attachments – listed in megabytes (MB).

Total Space Used: This will show how much space is currently being used by attachments.

Total Space Remaining: The number provided here shows how much space remains for additional attachments – listed in megabytes (MB).

Maximum File Size Per Post: This is the total amount of space single attachments are allowed on the forum. Files larger than the displayed file size will not be accepted.

View Attached Files

Click the View Attached Files link to view a list of attachments made to the forum or to delete any attachments. Once there you'll see a list of every attachment ever posted to your forum. This data is separated into 4 columns:

Delete?: To delete an attachment, check the box to the left of the attachment(s) and click the delete button at the bottom to complete the removal.

File Name: This indicates the file name of the attachment(s).

File Size: This indicates the size in kilobytes (KB) of the file attachment. Individual file uploads are limited to 1 MB.

Link to Post: The link provided here will bring you directly to the post that contains that attachment.