This guide covers our old ProBoards v4 software. Click here for the ProBoards v5 Help Guide.

Forum staff with moderation privileges will see an advanced moderation button to the right of the search button in the header and footer bars of thread listing pages. Click the button and the page will reload with additional options enabling forum moderators to perform a variety of maintenance functions within the page.

After clicking the advanced moderation button, the first thing you'll likely notice is that each thread listing now has a check box next to it. Checking boxes will apply the following moderation actions to one or multiple threads simultaneously:

Move Topic

The move topic button provides the ability to move one or multiple threads to a different board on the forum. Simply check the box(es) next to the thread(s) you'd like to move and click the move topic button. On the next page, select a destination for the included thread(s) from the Move to drop-down menu. Note: you can only move threads to other message boards, indicated by the - symbol. Threads can not be moved to categories (indicated by the » symbol).

Once you've selected a destination, you'll have the option to notify members the thread has moved. By selecting Yes from the Display Message drop down box, the previous location will display a Moved message letting members know the thread has moved along with a link to the the threads new placement. If this is set to No, the thread will simply be moved with no indication where it has gone. After these two options have been set, click the Move Threads button to complete the move.

Remove Topic

This button allows you to delete one or multiple threads simultaneously. Simply check the boxes next to the threads you'd like to delete and click the remove topic button. When clicked, an alert box will appear asking you to confirm removal of the selected topics; click OK to proceed, or click Cancel to keep the threads. Once a thread has been deleted from an online forum, the action cannot be undone. Be sure to use caution when using the Remove Topic button.

Lock / Unlock

This button allows you to lock or unlock one or multiple threads simultaneously. To do this, simply check the boxes next to the threads you'd like to lock or unlock then click the lock / unlock button. Threads you've selected will indicate their status with the icon to the left of the thread name.


Making topics sticky assigns priority status and moves them to the top of a board until their sticky status is removed. To make a topic sticky, simply check the box(es) next to the thread names and click the sticky button. Once clicked, the topics you select will either become sticky, or will revert back to normal topic status.

Sticky Lock

Allows you to lock/unlock one or multiple sticky threads. Simply check the box(es) next to thread names you'd like to lock/unlock and click the sticky lock button. The forum topic(s) you've selected will become a locked sticky topic, or revert back to unlocked normal-topic status.


Bumping a topic temporarily moves it to the top of a thread listing page on a discussion forum. Simply check the box(es) next to threads you'd like to move and click the bump button. Once clicked, selected threads will then be moved to the top of the thread listing page.