The Subscriptions (aka My Account) page contains information on all of your current and past subscriptions for such things as ad-free plans, storage plans, and ProBoards+.

There are three ways to access this page:
  • Visit At the top right of the page, log in with your ProBoards account (you may already be logged in). You will see the Forum DashBoard page. Click the Account drop-down menu at the top, and select the Subscriptions link.
  • While on a forum, select the Post Options icon from the bottom right; then click the Subscriptions link.
  • Go to the Admin Control Panel and select Upgrades, then select the My Account option from the following menu.

Current Subscriptions

The Current Subscriptions section displays all active subscriptions for your account.  For each active subscription you have, the following data is displayed in the order listed:
  1. Date when the subscription will renew
  2. Subscription ID
  3. Subscription Type
  4. Forum URL the subscription is for
  5. Renewal price

Clicking on a subscription displays the transactions that have been made to keep it active.  For example, if you have had a monthly Ad-free subscription for a year, you would see 12 transactions listed under the subscription.  Each transaction shows the following data in the order listed:
  1. Date when the transaction was made
  2. Transaction ID
  3. Subscription Type
  4. Forum URL the transaction was for
  5. Transaction charge

Click on a transaction displays the transaction details.

Ad-Free Subscriptions
Clicking on a current Ad-free subscription allows you to edit the Overage settings.  You can enable/disable Overages and control the Overage Limit.

Cancelling a Subscription
You can cancel a subscription by clicking the x icon for the subscription you want to cancel.

Subscription History

Inactive and cancelled subscriptions are displayed in the Subscription History section.  Each subscription shows the following data in the order listed:
  1. Subscription ID
  2. Subscription Type
  3. Forum URL the subscription was for
  4. Date range for when the subscription was active

Again, similar to the Current Subscriptions section, you can click on inactive subscriptions to display transactions and transaction details.