If the forum has reached the limit for attachments, it's possible to mass delete them via the Manage Attachments page.

In your admin area, select the Settings option, then choose Manage Attachments on the following menu. The following page will give you an overview of your attachment space, your current attachment settings, and each attachment posted on the forum.


  • Attachment Plan – Your current choice of attachment plan. This will always be Free until you've purchased more attachment space, after which the name will correspond with your new plan.

  • Max Per Attachment – The maximum file size allowed to be attached to a post. This only applies to each individual attachment you have on the post (for example, if the size limit is 1 MB, you can attach three 1 MB files to one post).

  • Max Files Per Post – The maximum amount of files allowed to be attached to a single post on the forum with your current plan.

  • Maximum Bandwidth – The maximum amount of attachment data that can be downloaded from the forum each month. Once you've exceeded this limit in a single month, attachment downloads will be disabled until the next month.


  • Enable Attachments – Choose whether or not to allow users to attach files to their posts on the forum.

  • Who can post attachments – Choose who has permission to attach files to their posts on your forum.

  • Attachments Per Post – How many files you want to permit your members to attach to posts on your forum. This can be any number from 1 to your Max Files Per Post.

  • Maximum Attachment Size – The largest file size allowed in an attachment. This can be as large as your plan's Max Per Attachment or as low as 1 MB.

Below both of these headings is a list of each of your attachments that contains preview links, each attachment's respective file size, and a link to the post that the attachment is associated with. Clicking on the x next to an attachment deletes it from the forum and removes it from the post it was originally attached to. Clicking on the checkbox next to an attachment will mark it for deletion. You can confirm your deletion of the attachments by clicking on the Delete Selected Attachments button. Once deleted, an attachment can no longer be restored unless attached to the post again by you or the user.