The banner advertisements at the top and bottom of the forum help support ProBoards and keep it free. If you'd like to remove these advertisements from the forum, you can purchase ad-free pageviews. Once ad-free is enabled, it will remove the advertisements from every page of the forum for every user.

Ad-Free can be purchased as either a one-time purchase, which is essentially a fixed amount of pageviews only available for the current month (some exceptions apply); or as an ongoing monthly subscription.   Details for both options are available on the purchase page.  If you have questions regarding which plan is best for you, please create a thread on the Support Board and a PB Admin will be glad to help. 

After you've purchased ad-free pageviews, you can choose how to apply them by visiting your admin area and selecting Upgrades, then selecting Ad-Free on the following menu. This page provides details on the ad-free plan you currently have enabled and any ad-free you have in reserve.

Used Pageviews – How many pageviews you've expended in the ad-free plans you currently have enabled.

Available Pageviews – The remainder of pageviews you have in reserve for your current plan.

Maximum Pageviews – The total pageview count this plan allows.

You also have the option to reorganize your ad-free and choose whether to enable it for usage, change the order it gets used, and choose what month to apply the plan to.

Active – When checked, this set of pageviews is enabled and will be used once the month specified in its Schedule dropdown arrives.

Status – What kind of plan this ad-free uses. A One Time payment status implies that this set of ad-free will disappear after its use. A set of ad-free with a Recurring payment status will have its pageviews return after each consecutive payment.

Used – How many pageviews have been used in this set of ad-free.

Pageviews – Pageviews remaining in this set of ad-free.

Maximum – The total pageviews this plan starts with.

Purchased By – The name of the user that purchased this set of ad-free for the forum.

Schedule – The month that this set of ad-free is applied. If more than one set of ad-free is set to a single month, the next set of ad-free with that month will automatically be used once the first set is expended, provided it's currently set to Active.

You can click and drag the arrows next to each set of ad-free to change the order in which they are applied. The sets at the top take priority over the sets below unless otherwise specified in their Schedule dropdown. The color legend below your ad-free shows the current state of each set of ad-free.

There are two more tabs you can select on the top of the ad-free page. The Settings tab provides options to remove items on the forum relating to advertisements and payment, as well as the option to keep ads enabled for guests so that random visitors do not use your pageviews. The History tab lists all of your previously used ad-free.