When customizing your theme one of the first things you'll inevitably want to do is change its colors to suit your taste. To access your theme's colors visit your admin area and select the Themes option. On the following menu, select Colors & Theme Creator.

You'll now be brought to the Scheme page where you can make quick changes to the basic colors utilized on your forum, change the attributes of your forum's banner and logo, and change the forum width, gradients, and background. All of the changes made in this section can also be previewed live via the preview window on the right of the page. (Note: If your window isn't maximized or your screen is at a lower resolution the preview may be at the bottom of the page)

The first section you'll see is Color Scheme which controls the colors you'll see the most on your forum. You can choose from several premade color palettes by clicking on one of the multicolored bars listed on the page or you can change the forum's existing colors to whatever you desire via the Customize Theme Colors button.

Customize Theme Colors will pop up a new window where you can specify the colors you want to use in each common section of your forum. Clicking on the Color Picker icon next to any of the items listed will open the Color Picker which lets you easily select your preferred color by changing its hue and contrast. Once you're done and would like to show your changes in the preview window click on the Apply Color Scheme button.

The following areas contain options with dropdowns, color pickers, or an image upload icon, depending on what each option controls.

The Forum Banner section allows you to change the height, background color/image/alignment, logo text color, and logo text alignment of your forum's banner. Changes made here will be reflected in the live preview.

  • Banner Height — How tall you'd like your banner to be in pixels. Amounts entered here must have a pixel suffix applied to them. (Example: 100px)
  • Banner Color/Text Color — Both of these sections have a color picker associated with them to allow you to easily change their color.
  • Banner Image — Clicking on the dropdown will allow you to choose from premade banner images. You can click on the Upload icon to upload your own image from your computer. If you'd like to link to an existing image hosted elsewhere on the web you can change the existing URL of the image to that of your externally hosted image.
  • Banner Position — Clicking the dropdown next to this section provides you with options to change the alignment of your banner if it either exceeds your banner area size or doesn't meet the full size of the area.
  • Text/Logo Align — If you uploaded a logo image in the Theme Manager or have text displaying over your banner you can change how it's aligned from here.

The Style Options setting allows you to make changes to your forum's width, title bar gradient images, and page background.

  • Forum Width — How wide you'd like your forum to be. This can be either a pixel width or a percentage width. (Example: 940px or 92%)
  • Gradients — Every title bar on your forum will use the background image specified here. You can link an image hosted online, upload your own image, or select from premade gradient images already provided which will inherit your title bar background color.
  • Forum Background — This background will be shown on every page of the forum. You can link an image hosted online, upload your own image, or select from premade backgrounds that will inherit your forum's background color.

The Preview Pane shows how your forum will look with the changes you make before you save them. You can navigate to any page of your forum from here where the changes will automatically show on page load. Dragging the scroll bar on the top of the preview or clicking on the magnifying glass icons will change the current zoom level of the preview. The Select a different page... dropdown will allow you to quickly navigate between common pages on your forum.

If you're satisfied with the changes you've made to your theme you can click on the Save Changes button below the Style Options category or the Save Theme button on the top of the page.