When a post is reported, a notification will appear at the top of your admin area stating that there are posts up for review. Reported posts can be dealt with from the admin area and discussed among your staff and moderators.

To access your reported posts, click on the Admin button to visit your admin area. Select Security, then select Reported Posts on the following page.

The Reported Posts page will open with a list of threads in the Reports tab that are currently up for staff review. You can click on the report to view it, or take action immediately by clicking on the checkbox next to a thread when hovering over it, then selecting an action from the Actions dropdown on the right of the thread list.

The Archive tab contains reports that have been resolved. If a report has reached a resolution you can move the report into the archive to make room for the more recent active reports. Archived reports can be unarchived if you feel the issue is not resolved by either selecting the checkbox next to the report and choosing the Unarchive option in the Actions dropdown or viewing the report and deselecting the Archive this Report checkbox, then saving the report.

Clicking on the actual thread in either of the report tabs will take you to the report, which contains several windows detailing the thread, the report, and the member in question.

  • Reported Post — The content and details of the post that was reported. Clicking on Take Immediate Action allows you to lock, move, or delete the thread immediately if you've already confirmed that it requires action. Posts that are reported will remain intact in this section, even if the member who created the post edits it later.
  • Reason Reported — Shows the user who reported the post and why they reported it.
  • Staff Discussion — Comments and suggestions on action to be taken from your forum staff on how to deal with the reported post will be displayed here. You may also submit your own comments and suggestions at the bottom of the container.
  • Reported User — The mini-profile of the user whose post was reported, along with their staff notes and other reported posts that were made by them and the status of those posts.
  • Suggestions — Resolutions your staff have suggested in the Staff Discussion area of the report.
  • Resolution — Contains tools to PM the reported user or issue a warning or ban to them, as well as add any resolutions made to their account's staff notes. You can also archive the report from here.