To contact your forum members via email visit the admin area and select Members from the menu. On the following menu, select Email Members.

The next page has a few sections you'll need to fill out before sending your email.

  • Select Recipients... — Choose who to send the email to.
    • Specific Members: only email members who you add to the list from the search field that appears below this option when selected
    • Specific Groups: only send the email to the groups you specify via the Add Group link that appears below it when selected
    • Staff: email only members who are in a group designated as staff on your forum
    • Everyone: send the email to all users who are fully registered on your forum
  • From — The name you'd like to display as the sender of the email. The email will be sent out using your account's email address.
  • Subject — The subject of the email as it will be displayed in the members' inboxes.

The message itself must be plain-text. No HTML or other styling will be rendered. What is typed will be sent exactly how it is displayed. Once you've finished entering your message you'll be required to check the legal agreement checkbox to confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and other legal agreements. Once this is complete you can send your email by clicking the Send Email button.