Member groups allow you to add members as forum staff or give members a special title instead of a post rank.

To edit the forum's member groups visit the admin area and select Members. On the following menu, select Member Groups.

Your forum's current member groups will be listed. To add a new group to this list begin editing the options on the next blank field on the bottom of the list.

The options for groups are as follows:

  • Group Name - The name you'd like to give this group. This name will appear under a member's display name in their profile and mini-profile, if the member has their Display Group set to this group.
  • Type - What type you would like this group to be. A type determines whether a group is joinable or not and if it can be displayed anywhere on the forum.
    • Open - Anyone can join this group at any time.
    • Petition - Anyone who joins this group has to be accepted or rejected by the group leader before becoming a part of the group.
    • Private - Only staff members can add members to this group.
    • Hidden - This group will not be displayed anywhere on the forum to non-staff, but any powers that come with it will still be given to members in the group.
  • Color - The color associated with the group. If a group member has their Display Group set to this group their display name will appear in this color.
  • Leaders - Group leaders can add or remove members from the group they're leading. In Petition groups the group leader can approve or reject members who try to join the group. Click on the View/Edit link to open a window containing a list of your group's current leaders, as well as options to add new leaders to the group.
  • Stars - How many stars you want the group to have and what image the stars should use. Members using this group as their Display Group will have this number and type of star(s) appear under their name in their profile and mini-profile.
  • Staff - Choose whether or not the group is recognized as staff.
  • Global - If set to Yes, any moderator powers the group has will apply to every board on the forum. If set to No, they can only use their powers on a board they're listed as a moderator on.
  • Powers - A list of powers the member has on the forum. The bar to the right of the Edit button indicates the level of power a member of the group will have on the forum. The higher the bar, the closer they are to rivaling the power of the main administrator account.

Clicking and dragging the arrows next to any of the groups will reorder your group list. This change will be reflected in the Groups tab of any member's profile where they'll all be listed in the order you specify. Clicking on the x icon next to a group will delete the group and remove power from all members associated with it. Deleted groups cannot be restored.

When the Group Leaders dialog is open, you'll notice a link inside it leads to the Group Leader Control Panel. That page will provide you with more options to edit your group:

  • Leaders - Add leaders to the group.
  • Group Members - Add new members to the group directly from the admin area.
  • Banned from Group - Prevent certain members from joining the group if the group type is set to Open or Petition.

A list of all the staff powers the group has will be displayed at the bottom of the page as well as an indicator of whether or not the group has global powers or is recognized as staff.

For Petition groups there is also a tab at the top of the Group Leader Control Panel called Pending. If you click this tab you can see all members who have applied to join the group. Next to each pending member's name you can click the Accept or Reject button to accept into the group or reject their application.