If your forum does not have a custom domain, it is already set up to work with Twitter Cards.  However, if your forum has a custom domain, please follow these steps to enable Twitter Card support:

  1. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/
  2. Log in to your Twitter account
  3. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator
  4. Click on the 'Summary' card from the card catalog
  5. Click on the 'Validate & Apply' tab
  6. Enter your forum's homepage in the text box and hit 'Go!'
  7. Click on the 'Request Approval' right below the blue box. If there are errors with your metadata, this button will not appear until the errors are fixed.
  8. Fill out the information in the pop-up and click 'Request Approval'
  9. Wait for Twitter's email, follow all instructions contained within