To edit the forum's navigation menu, visit the admin panel and enter the Settings section. Select Forum Settings from the following menu. Select the Navigation tab.

Hide or Show Menu Items
Ticking and unticking checkboxes in the Display column enables and disables specific menu buttons. When a menu option is unticked, it will not display anywhere in your navigation menu.

Editing the Menu Item Names
The Name column determines the text that shows for each button. Changing the text in any of the fields in this column will change the respective button's name.

Menu Item URL
The URL column shows which part of the forum each button leads to. Custom menu items have an editable field in this column. Use the field to specify a link to another page on the forum or to an entirely different website. If linking to a different website, make sure to specify the full URL starting with http://.

Menu Item Permissions
For custom menu items, click the Edit button under the Permissions column to control the button's visibility for users. You can also choose which themes the buttons appear on.

Adding Custom Menu Items
To add new buttons to the menu, select the Add Custom button below the existing menu items. You can fill out the information in the same format as the other buttons. Selecting the x next to an existing custom menu item will delete it from the list.

You can reorder menu items by hovering your cursor over the Drag icon, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the menu item either up or down.

Any changes made in this section will be automatically saved.