The Forum Avatars area in the admin panel allows you to define a set of avatars that members can choose from. Members will appreciate having a wide array of avatar choices without having to create or upload their own.

To add a new forum avatar, open the admin panel and select the Members section, then select Forum Avatars in the following menu.

Forum avatars can be added by uploading a new image or by linking to an image that is already hosted online.

Upload an Image
To upload a new image, click on the Select Image button. Browse your computer for an image file and select Open. The image is automatically uploaded to your forum and added to the list.

Link an Image
If you already have an image hosted online and you would like to link to it for use as a forum avatar, enter the image's URL into the text field under "Or Link an image from the internet." Select Link Image to add the avatar to the list.

Forum avatars can be reordered by dragging and dropping images.

Any forum avatar can also be designated as the default to be used as placeholders for members who have not specified their own avatar in their profile. Simply clicking an existing forum avatar in the list will make it the forum's default avatar. To revert back to the default avatar, click the link next to your list of avatars titled "Use Default Avatar."

To delete an existing avatar from the list, select the x next to the avatar you want to delete. Deleted avatars cannot be restored and will have to be uploaded or linked again.

All changes made in this section are saved automatically.