To change the forum's calendar settings, visit the admin panel and enter the Settings section. Select Forum Settings from the following menu. Navigate to the Calendar tab.

You can choose to enable or disable the calendar feature. When enabled, the calendar is accessible by using the Calendar link normally found near the top of the page. Set the Display Birthdays setting to YES if you want to make your forum members' birthdays appear on the calendar. Members who have their birthday hidden in their profile do not appear in the calendar.

To change who can view your calendar, find the dropdown titled Who can view the calendar. Change the choice in the dropdown to your preference. To change who can create an event, change the choice in the dropdown next to Who can create an event.

Both of these fields have options to restrict certain member groups from viewing and creating calendar events. To restrict a member group from performing either action, select the Add Group link below either of the dropdowns. Tick the checkbox next to any group that you want to forbid from having access to the respective calendar function, then select Done to save your settings.

Your changes will save automatically.