To create a new category or board, open the admin panel and select Structure, then select Categories & Boards on the following menu.

Create a New Category
To create a new category, select the Create New Category button. You'll be presented with several options to customize:
  • Name - Specify a name for the category. This is used throughout the forum and the admin panel.
  • Display Name - The name entered here will be displayed on the main page of the forum in the title bar of the category. The display name accepts BBCode, which allows for a wide range of formatting possibilities. It could even be set to display just an image using BBCode.
  • Hidden - Choose whether or not to hide the category from view. Users will still be able to go to boards in a hidden category if they know the URL. Any board restrictions still must be satisfied to be granted access to the board.
  • Who can access this category - Choose whether or not the category is visible to everyone, visible to only registered members of the forum, or visible only to staff. Access can also be restricted based on member rank (post count) or to specific member groups and staff positions by selecting Custom. Anyone who cannot view a category based on this setting cannot access the boards within the category.
  • Except members in the groups - To prevent a certain group from viewing the category, add the group to this list via the Add Group link.

Create a New Board
To create a new board, select the Create New Board button. Boards have a much more expansive list of options that need to be customized:

  • Category - Choose which categories to place the board into. Boards may be placed inside another board, making it a sub-board.

  • Name - Name of the new board, which will identify it throughout the forum.
  • Display Name - The display name accepts BBCode, which allows for a wide range of formatting possibilities.
  • Description - Describe the purpose of this board and its contents. The description is displayed below the board's name.
  • Labels - Labels can be added to threads to aid in organization.

  • Password - Password protect a board. Access to the board is granted when the correct password is entered.
  • Redirect URL - If a redirect URL is provided, users that click the board will be redirected to the specified URL.
  • Show Announcements - Choose whether or not forum-wide announcement threads will display at the top of this forum.
  • Disable Post Counts - If enabled, a user's post count will not increase when a post is made in this board.
  • Enable Falling - Threads made in boards with falling enabled will not be bumped to the top of the thread listing when replied to.
  • Hidden Board - Hides the board from everyone including the admin, unless they know the URL.
  • Private Board - If enabled, regular members will only be able to view threads that they've created on the board. Any threads created by other members in the same board will not be visible or accessible.

  • Set who can view the board, access the board, create threads within the board, reply to existing threads within the board, and create polls on the board. You can also restrict certain member groups from using any of these features on the board.

  • Member Groups - Designate a specific member group to moderate this board. Any members within this group will have moderator powers on this board and the name of the group will be listed below the board's description.
  • Individual Members - Give specific members the power to moderate this board.

Any of the options within your categories and boards can be changed at any time by either hovering over a board or category and selecting the Edit icon next to it, clicking on a board/category and clicking the Edit Properties button above the list, or double-clicking a board/category. Each of these actions will open the settings page.

Selecting the New icon on a category will create a new board within the category. Selecting the New icon next to a board will create a sub-board within that board. You can also give sub-boards their own sub-boards using this same method.

Hovering over the Permissions icon will show you who has access to the respective board or category.

To delete a board or category, select the x icon when hovering over the board or category you want to delete.

To rearrange the order of categories or boards, click and drag the board or category you wish to move to a new position on the list. When the content you're holding approaches a position you can place it in, an arrow will show where the content will be placed upon releasing your mouse button. When rearranging individual boards, either a horizontal arrow or a diagonal arrow may show. A horizontal arrow means that a board will go between the two boards it's next to. A diagonal arrow means that the board you're holding will become a sub-board of the board the arrow is on.

To duplicate a board or category, click on the board or category and select the Duplicate button above the list. Duplicating a category does not duplicate the boards within it, and duplicating a board does not duplicate the sub-boards or threads within it.

Any settings changed within this section will be automatically saved unless you are otherwise prompted to save.